National Agricultural Centre, Kenilworth, Garth South CV8 2RW

Garth South Pony Club

A Branch of the Pony Club

Garth South Rally & Competition Attire


All Garth South members and parents are always excited to participate in Pony Club activities particularly when they are representing the branch in any way.  This guide is to help members understand Branch expectations.

Our rallies are organised to provide great instruction in a fun atmosphere, but without distracting from the fact that members are also there to learn and improve their horsemanship.

 For more information on what to wear please visit: 

All riding hats must be tagged to show that they meet the standard.  Please see the guidance for 2023, here

Particular attention should be given to attire where the branch is “on public display” eg venues such as Wellington, Boomerang, Tweseldown, Wheatlands etc.  At these locations you are representing the branch and we know are anxious to give the best impression. All our venues are very precious to us, please respect them by being tidy, taking home all muck and mess and leaving dogs at home promoting safety, as well as maintaining standards. 

For those members keen to compete we have also attached a guide to GS Competition Attire detailing what members are asked to wear when representing the Branch at competitions in varying disciplines. This guide also incorporates guidelines on specific Pony Club club events.

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