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Garth South Pony Club

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Garth South PC100/110 & Seniors


This is a group for those in the 16+ age group of the Branch and those who are competing at 100 and above.  The organiser of this group Nicki Boston, whose daughter Liv has grown up in the Branch and is now competing at PC100 and BE Novice also runs rallies for those who are bringing on young horses so they can be brought on slowly.  Rallies are held with established coaches within the Branch and, on occasion, rallies are held with specialist visiting trainers. 


Some branches struggle to keep members over the age of 16 but Garth South is proud that we have a very strong cohort at this level, many of whom are also competing at BS, BD and BE competitions and most of whom try and make it to Senior Camp in August and consider it the highlight of their summer!


What level do I need to be at to join the group?



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Garth South PC100/110 & SeniorsOrganiser

Nicki Boston

 If you are 16 or over do get in touch with the organiser Nicki Boston 07787 530882”