National Agricultural Centre, Kenilworth, Garth South CV8 2RW

Garth South Pony Club

A Branch of the Pony Club


Rallies and the training that they provide form the backbone of any Pony Club Branch.  Garth South runs a range of rallies for all abilities in all the major disciplines, but most importantly to engender a feeling of belonging to the Club and to encourage friendships amongst peer groups that will last long beyond their actual membership.


Our rallies are organised to provide great instruction in a fun atmosphere, but without distracting from the fact that members are also there to learn and improve their horsemanship.

We ask that before the activity you let the instructor or organiser know if there is anything in particular concerning the rider. Parents and supporters should not:

  1. Talk to your child – it can cause accidents
  2. Interrupt or interfere with the lesson
  3. Question the instructor’s judgement
  4. Cause/allow distractions whilst watching.

Riders should not carry mobiles whilst under instruction and we ask that spectators set their mobiles to silent.

Our venues are very precious to us, please respect them

  1. Do not tie haynets to the outside of boxes
  2. Clear up all droppings
  3. Do not take dogs to rallies

To promote safety, as well as maintain standards. You risk being turned away from rallies if not properly dressed.

Mounted Rallies

Hat – Tagged to show it conforms to Pony Club standards, with a hat cover in black brown or navy.  For XC, over fences 0.80 m high and above, a jockey skull cap without a fixed peak is compulsory.  It is strongly recommended for those jumping below that height as well.

Hair net – for ALL long hair, girls and boys!

No jewellery

Light blue Garth South polo shirt, Garth South/Pony Club sweatshirt (No Hoodies) or Garth South jacket. Cross country – Long sleeved top. Body protector compulsory

Jodhpurs/breeches – white,beige,navy,black,brown

Jodhpur boots with clips or chaps (black or brown only and no tassles on chaps). Long riding boots.


Pony club badge to be worn, on left lapel (or where the lapel would be) with current test felt underneath

Medical  armband compulsory for ALL XC.

Unmounted Rallies

You may well be in a stable with a horse/pony so appropriate footwear. No open toed sandals etc. Jodhpur /riding boots, yard boots, wellingtons.

Garth South pale blue polo shirt, Garth South/PC sweatshirt, Garth South Jacket, NO hoodies.

Pony club badge to be worn, on left lapel (or where the lapel would be), with current test felt underneath.



Tack should be clean and in good repair – please pay particular attention to reins and stirrup leathers.

Plain black or brown tack only

Numnahs should be plain (white, black, brown, blue)