National Agricultural Centre, Kenilworth, Garth South CV8 2RW

Garth South Pony Club

A Branch of the Pony Club

Competition Attire


Riding hat-  approved and tagged. No fixed peaks for XC. Black or navy for  dressage and show jumping. Garth South XC silks for team comps (see team manager) , otherwise your own XC colour silks.

Hair net

Riding jackets – dressage and show jumping. Tweed with pony club tie/pony club stock/coloured stock, stock pin. Black/Blue with white stock and stock pin.

Pony Club badge worn on left label with current test felt underneath.


Jodhpurs/Breeches – beige, cream or white (white not allowed for MG)

Jodhpur boots with jodhpur clips, black or brown (ponies only) or Jodhpur boots and plain chaps to match in black or brown or Long boots , black

XC colours – branch colours if in team otherwise your own. Long sleeves compulsory

Whip – correct length for each discipline, if allowed

Body protector – compulsory for XC. Must be level 3.

Mounted games – white long sleeved  shirt and pony club tie ,no metal badges, cream or beige jodhpurs, white sweatshirt in bad weather, team bibs, no whips/spurs, otherwise as above

No jewelry


  1. If wearing an EXO body protector the key must be handed to the show secretary before competing.
  2. If wearing a point 2 or similar air jacket a level 3 body protector must be worn underneath.
  3. Body protectors to be worn on top of clothing.


Bridle – black/brown plain leather. No coloured, sparkly or brass brow bands/nosebands etc

Reins – no split reins etc allowed.

Noseband – cavesson, drop and flash only for dressage. But  grackle allowed for eventing dressage, SJ, XC and mounted games

Appropriate legal bit (check rule books for legal bits) Snaffles only for dressage( except for Intro test) and mounted games.

Saddle – black/brown English style

Stirrup leathers – to match saddle

Stirrups  – 7mm clearance on each side of boot required.

Girth – black or brown to match saddle

Dressage – plain white dressage square/saddlecloth. No piping etc.

SJ &XC – plain black or brown saddlecloth or numnah, branch ones are now allowed for competition.

Martingale – black or brown leather. Not allowed for dressage

Various boots/bandages – not allowed for dressage test. No bandages XC please.

Plait for all team competitions except for mounted games.