National Agricultural Centre, Kenilworth, Garth South CV8 2RW

Garth South Pony Club

A Branch of the Pony Club


Dressage is the foundation of all the other disciplines, except most of the time we don’t recognise it as such.  More usually called ‘flatwork’ at the lower levels, getting rhythm and accuracy embedded in your riding skill set will mean that everything else falls into place.  Show jumping well is often dictated by the quality of the canter, jumping a skinny cross country demands having your pony listening to all your aids.  Practicing all of your riding skills on the flat (or in a dressage rally) will improve the way that you can ride and the enjoyment that both you and your pony get from your hacking or your jumping.

Members of Garth South have made it to the National Championships in past years, at Novice, Intermediate and Open level and competed in the Dressage to Music Competition. We have even had national champions in this discipline!

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If you would like to take part in any Dressage Training or Competitions please contact the relevant organiser on the contacts page

Do you need to learn a dressage test? All Pony Club tests can be downloaded from here