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Garth South Pony Club

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Guide to Team Competitions and Representing your Branch

Everything you’ve wanted to know but didn’t like to ask !

Congratulations !  You are representing Garth South at a team competition. We hope you have a fun and successful  day  but , as part of a team, you also have some responsibilities. Below is a quick guide to what you need to know to compete. This is a guide only and cannot cover every eventuality but we hope it will be of use to competitors, especially first timers. We also cannot suggest strongly enough that you buy/download the discipline rule books from These contain everything you need to know about tack etc and include dressage tests for eventing and dressage.

Team managers will send out an email inviting all those who want to participate to let them know.  They’ll need information about you and your horse so make sure you send them all the information they ask for, or they won’t be able to complete your entry.  They may ask you to send them a cheque, made payable to the organising branch, or they may send in one cheque to cover everyone’s entries, but it is your responsibility to reimburse the Branch, please pay them promptly when they request it. It’s not fair to make them chase you – you may not be asked again!

Day Before

Know your times.

Plan your route to the venue. Know the postcode for Satnav. Check the venue website for any special instructions re access.

Wash your pony. Plait if early times.

Clean tack. Check all stiching esp stirrup leathers and reins.  Some competitions have a Tack and Turnout element which means that you need to have everything absolutely gleaming, and correct for whatever the competition is. Different disciplines have different rules, team managers can help, rule books are there to give you all the details.

Check you know your dressage test, if appropriate. If someone is reading your test for you make sure they can still do it. Do not turn up and hope someone will read it for you. Make sure you have a copy of the test for the competition.

Clean  riding boots.

Have all rider clothes/equipment clean and ready. If in an eventing/XC team you will get the GS xc colours from your team manager on the day but it is advisable to have your own with you just in case.

If possible pack the lorry or car. If not possible have everything by the front door to pack in the morning.

Have drinks/food ready, if wanted.

Have water and hay for pony ready

Check lorry/car has enough fuel and tyres are fine.

Have horse’s passport ready to take with you

Day of Competition.

Pack lorry/car including horse passport

Wash horse.

Plait horse.

Load horse

Leave in enough time to get to venue in plenty of time to walk course, warm up etc. Also allow a little extra time in case of road works/traffic jams.

At Competition Venue

When you arrive let your team manager know you are there. Make sure you have their mobile number and know their lorry/car, and just in case have the Secretary’s number .

Collect your number from secretary’s tent/gazebo/caravan. You need to take your hat(s) with you for checking that it is tagged/conforms to current PC standards.

If someone is reading a dressage test for you make sure they have a copy of the correct test and know which arena you are in and at what time.

Make sure you know which arena/ring you are in and where they are.

Check if they are running to time. Ask stewards.

Warm up in plenty of time. Only you know how long your horse needs to warm up.

Make yourself known to the stewards.

Have your tack checked.

Listen for your number being called. It is your responsibility to be ready to go when it is your time.

If you are lucky enough to be placed please be properly dressed for prize giving ie as if you are riding including gloves, hats and hairnets. Dressage and eventing prize giving is usually unmounted while showjumping is usually mounted

At the end of your day please thank the show secretary/organiser and your team manager.

Finally take home all droppings and hay. Also your rubbish or put in bin.

Have a safe journey home.